Spring League Registration Now Open!!!

Game on tonight!

We will play games as planned tonight.


2018 Pre-Winter League Registration opens Tuesday 10/8

Who: Ultimate Frisbee players wanting to have fun indoors, throwing a disc, meeting some new folks, running around for a few weeks before the holidays.

What: Mixed(3 men/2 women) Indoor Ultimate Frisbee in a 10 team league. 7 guaranteed games (assuming no weather related cancellations) over a 5 week period. Bring your own light or dark shirt.

Spring League Week 3 is sadly cancelled


This spring has been a tough one. 11 years later it's a first, but at least the signs of spring are here.

I hate to cancel with the forecast like it is for tomorrow, but melting has been slower than we anticipated and there's just too much snow on the ground and wet muddy ground underneath to reasonably expect a good experience tomorrow. More importantly, we risk ruining a good experience for the remaining weeks of the season. We don't want to wreck the fields and we're primed to do so if we try to play tomorrow.

4th Winter Strikes Again

Greetings All,

With the impending snow-pocalypse knocking on our doorstep, I have to make the hard decision of postponing spring league another week. I do honestly think that we will actually get out and play one of these Saturdays, but it is not going to be this weekend. I am going to work with your captains to determine when the best weeks would be to schedule double headers for each of your teams.

Excited to start spring league.... next week.... hopefully.... 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and let us know.


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